All On-Board!


All On-Board!

Exciting times ahead at Muskoka Bay Clothing. This weekend we celebrated the opening of our 2nd location! located at the Gravenhurst Wharf- in the Shipyards Marketplace.

The new shop will feature highlights from the main store. Throughout the summer,  we will select different combinations to feature. It’s going to be a lot of fun, selecting new collections to reveal every week. The store’s waterfront location will also showcase an eclectic variety of the brands you’ll love, including Hatley for Children.
You’ll also find a selection of nautically-themed giftware,teak furniture, Lampe Berger fragrance systems and Muskoka brand souvenirs.
Locally made items will be displayed, including Stone Age Décor (granite lamps and fireplace sets) and Jibe Jewellery.

Voted “Favorite” summer fashion store in Muskoka, the team at Muskoka Bay Clothing’s on board and excited to serve up great fashions and customer service from their two location!

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